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postheadericon Rookie Lifeguard Courses

My son Luke …You all know him, is doing his Pool Lifeguard course this week.

Our “Rookie Lifeguard” classes really prepare them for the course… He is doing really well and is really prepared. Message us if you have a teen who you think might like to go down this route to get a job from 16 and we can help prepare them!

Our current Rookies are too young to go on the course ( must be 16 by the exam) but did a run through exam at end of July – fabulous results!!!

The company that run the RLSS course at Abbs will love taking out Rookies on the courses they run!!

postheadericon Summer Water Safety


Please remind your children what we have been learning in classes:
If someone is in trouble in water DO NOT go in water to save them ..STAY DRY
Get an adult – or call 999- help if you don’t get in!



postheadericon Printable Forms

We give every new starter a contact details sheet to fill out and a T&C’s to read. We also have a separate parent and child sheet to print out as the details are slightly different.

if your details or medical change please feel free to print and fill out a new form to bring along to your next swim session.


postheadericon Water Safety

You should be able to print some of these sheets off for your children. Remember when asked… most children said they would go into save someone if they were drowning. We teach children to never get in to put yourself in danger. Help by REACH – THROW- DO NOT GO!



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